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Hubbard's is lucky enough to be able to offer its guests chances at five different species of trout! From the iconic Yellowstone Cutthroat to voracious silver-sided Rainbows to giant Browns, our guides can chase whatever you prefer. We have a large variety of water to choose from in our area from small pocket water fisheries to iconic Montana rivers to extremely technical spring creeks.



Our float fishing is on the Yellowstone River. Using Mackenzie style driftboats, we have over sixty miles of river access to keep you busy!

  • From the upper stretches below the town of Gardiner, Yellowstone Cutthroats slurp large dry flies among the rapids and eddies of the river. Weave among the large boulders and rapids to find fish among the pockets and back eddies.

  • Float the middle stretches between our lodge and Livingston to hunt a mix of trout species while drifting slowly through some of the most incredible scenery the Big Sky Country has to offer.

  • We even get to Livingston and beyond for guests in search of the truly monstrous brown trout that make the Yellowstone such a world class fishery.


Most of our wade fishing takes place in the northern half of Yellowstone National Park. You will not only find great fishing but also see one of the most unique and magical places in the world!

  • The Firehole and Madison Rivers are our early season stomping grounds. With prolific hatches and a voracious variety of trout species, we'll show you what makes these rivers so famous.

  • Mid-summer sees the Park truly come in to its own. Head to the Lamar Valley where you'll fish the large meadow streams such as Soda Butte Creek, Lamar River, and Slough Creek. Easily wade among bison herds and howling wolves while experiencing extraordinary dry fly fishing for Yellowstone Cutthroats.

  • Just inside the entrance to Yellowstone is the Gardiner River, a picturesque freestone stream with its own hot spring and a hearty population of Rainbows, Cutthroats, and Browns.

  • For a change of pace, we also visit a variety of small creeks in pursuit of Brook Trout. These colorful members of the Char family can provide a day of fast and furious action.

  • For our more adventurous clients, we can also get off the beaten path. Hubbard's guides do regular hike-in trips to Cascade and Grebe Lakes in pursuit of Arctic Greyling as well as the incredibly colorful Westslope Cutthroat.


And don't forget the private water in our area...

  • Merrell Lake at the lodge itself provides 85 acres of spring fed lake just out your front door. We have drift boats on the dock for a more independent experience as well as guided trips for guests looking to eliminate guesswork. Very popular before breakfast and after dinner.

  • Tom Miner Creek winds for miles through our ranch. Brushy and narrow, Tom Miner is the ultimate in small stream fishing. With a light fly rod and a willing spirit, guests can experience one of the true jewels of the Paradise Valley.

  • DePuy's, Nelson's, and Armstrong's are the famous Livingston Spring Creeks. Rod fees and reservations are required, as well as a lot of patience! The ultimate in technical fishing, these creeks are the Holy Grail for many anglers. With small flies and long, light leaders, cast to spooky risers in some of the most epic dry fly fishing water on the planet!

All of our guides have some water they like to fish that probably didn't get on our list. So if what we listed above isn't enough water for you, we always have more!

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