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"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." - Winston Churchill


Horseback riding in Montana is on everyone's bucket list, both young and old. At Hubbard's Lodge we offer a different type of experience than our competition; we're going to help you ride, and ride well, on 25 square miles of pristine wilderness.  Guests taking part in our riding package will get the riding experience they're searching for. Experience is not necessary – our wranglers will provide horsemanship instruction and we have strong mountain horses for every level of ability.

We offer morning and afternoon trips with lunch at the ranch. After a brief orientation from wranglers it will be time to saddle up and ride! From driving cows around the ranch to stepping around in the rocks and trees of the backcountry, to climbing up to 7000 ft for some breathtaking views of the Tom Miner Basin, our rides will be the experience of a lifetime and create memories you will never forget!

Interested in just a single day of riding? Rates are $150 for a full day and $100 for a half day.

Want to ride every day or bring your own horse? Check out our sister site Hubbard's Six Quarter Circle Ranch where you can find all-inclusive riding and lodging packages.

* Please note horseback riding has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

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